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Come and share my passion with me - aircraft, planes, aeroplanes, flying machines - whatever you want to call them. I have been fascinated by them since I was a child, and the love of them all has become stronger as I have become an adult.

 I love to photograph 'em, watch 'em, fly in 'em, and even (occasionally when I'm lucky enough) fly 'em when they are up in the air and the pilot is courageous enough to let me take the controls.

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We were privileged to see a WW2 Zero here in Tauranga. It was brought out to NZ from the USA for the Wanaka Warbirds airshow over Easter, and stopped in Tauranga before being shipped back home. See the photos in the "My Gallery"section.

A new video has been added - WORLD AIR TRAFFIC. See this 5 minute video of a 24 hour period recorded from satellite, of the thousands of flights made all over the world. It is fascinating to see, and the sunrise and movement of the sun through this period is very visible. Definitely worth a view.

Another video worth watching is the Oshkosh 2010 airshow - it's the greatest and largest airshow in the world. Fantastic planes and flying.


Latest additions

I have added the photos from my flight in a Harvard. Go into "My Gallery" and click on the album. Hope you like the photos.

The reconstruction of a WW2 P40 Kittyhawk.

At Classic Flyers Air Museum, here in Tauranga, New Zealand, the crew are rebuilding a P40 Kittyhawk from scratch. They have thousands of pieces that will be put together over the next (estimated) 18 months to create this iconic WW2 fighter plane. I will be adding photos every couple of weeks into the album (P40 reconstruction) which can be found by clicking on "My Gallery" and then on the album. Watch this plane grow with me, by visiting this website regularly.

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